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"The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack . . . He renews my life; He leads me . . ." -Psalm 23.1,3

"The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack . . . He renews my life; He leads me . . ." -Psalm 23.1,3

All parts of you are welcome!

You just want to figure this out and feel better. You’ve talked to your friends, your groups, and to pastors – but the truth is they haven’t been enough.

Sometimes there are pieces that feel too private to share with certain people, and other times it is clear that the helper is just as lost as you are. Prayer, devotionals and Bible reading are excellent tools, but what happens when you reach your endpoint? Or when stuff is getting in the way?

I help Christians who are struggling with single parenting and sexual abuse issues. When you realize the resources you have and who you are in-Christ, you begin to understand the potential for positive change. I want to empower you to make good choices and live out your purpose.

Why not stop and take a deep breath. Let’s focus on what’s in front of you. I can help you feel grounded and offer some healing in the moment. Together we can clear out some of the emotions that keep you stuck. If you are too exhausted to make changes and just want to recover - then I will sit with you, listen and learn. Together we can grieve or celebrate until you are stronger.

Are you getting triggered from bad experiences and wondering if you can trust and love again? Give me a call at 303-524-0262  or email to book a free 15 minute consultation.



You’ve talked to your friends, your groups, and to pastors, but you are frustrated. Find out more about Christian Counseling. Call me at 303-524-0262 to book a free 15 minute consultation.

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What Is Christian Counseling?

My name is Tania, and I am a counselor who practices from a perspective that looks through the lens of faith and Christianity at all that we’ve learned in psychology (...)

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Christian Counseling Blog

A weekly blog post to help you become more connected to God, yourself and your community. Learn more about coping with emotions; positive steps towards forgiveness and gratitude; overcoming the challenges of single parenting; your sexuality and identity; and how to live your faith.

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"For when we ask whether someone is a good man, we are not asking what he believes, or hopes, but what he loves." - St Augustine

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AACC – American Association of Christian Counselors

CCA – Colorado Counseling Association

CAPS – Christian Association of Psychological Studies

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